Call for Contributions: Rumors


Dear Curious Friend(s),

One of the best things about folklore is seeing how it changes over time. The way stories take on different aspects and traits, and the way that different tellers vary their tales. Honestly, stories are wonderful things, almost alive as they move from generation to generation. Except when they aren’t so wonderful, and when they do some damage on their way out the door.

Which brings us to rumors. We are putting together an episode that will look at the nature of rumors, lies, legends, and misinformation and how those things can spread via word-of-mouth or even the click of a “share” button. To that end, we’d love to hear your stories of rumors. Have you ever been the subject of a rumor that spread beyond your control? What was it about? What was the outcome?

If you’ve got a story you can share (and that you’d be willing to share with others via our show), we’d love to hear it straight from your lips! You can either send us a WAV or MP3 file of you telling us about your rumor at, or you can simply call in and leave us a voice mail at (442) 999-4824. Please make sure that if you share your story, you:

  1. Are completely comfortable with it airing via podcast. Your sending it to us constitutes your consent to include it in our show.
  2. Do not use any last names. All we need you to tell us is your first name (and if you want, you can say what state/region you’re from).
  3. Try to keep it under five (5) minutes (mostly due to the way the voice mail works, but also to make sure we don’t wind up having to skip a really good story in the interest of time).

If you want to contribute, we’d love to hear from you. As always, thanks for listening!

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