Episode 4 – Gods and Monsters




Our episode this time tackles the tricky business of big things—larger-than-life gods and the monsters that lurk in the corners of American popular culture. You’ll hear about a jealous volcano goddess in Hawaii and how she’s helping geologists make sense of the island’s origins and development, and you’ll hear about giant apes, killer sharks, and zombie hordes invading by cell phone and newsfeed.


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Download: Episode 4 – Gods and Monsters



My guests for this episode were:

  • Anna Pertu from the Earth Observatory of Singapore. You can also read the paper she referenced here.
  • Jennifer Drissel of Penn State University in Harrisburg, where she teaches courses on American apocalypse literature and horror in popular culture.
  • You can read more about America’s historical obsession with big creatures at the Smithsonian Magazine’s article, “Mammoths and Mastadons – All American Monsters,” by Richard Conniff.



All music for this episode is licensed through Magnatune.


  • “Oceanos,” by Ruben van Rompaey
  • “Where Sky and Ocean Meet,” by Gopal
  • “Fragrant Grasses, Falling Blossoms,” by Sambodhi Prem
  • “Resonance” & “Sharpening Her Talons,” by Robert Rich


Images: “Rocks” and “Mushrooms” both via Pixabay.

Produced by New World Witchery. Copyright 2017. Share-and-share-alike Creative Commons license.

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