Episode 10 – Summer Camp




We send off our final episode of the Summer 2021 season into the woods and around a campfire. We’re visiting summer camp, where we’ll write letters to home about spooky stories of cursed and haunted campgrounds (or at least one retreat in Utah with a scary reputation in both story and fact). We’ll also go on a snipe hunt for strange critters, called cryptids, and find out why these creatures fascinate us so much. We hate to say goodbye, but at least we can say “see you again soon” as we look forward to our next visit to the forests to chase even more foxfire in the future.


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Download: Episode 10 – Summer Camp


My guests for this episode were:

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Music & Art

All music for this episode (except as noted) is licensed through AudioSocket 


  • “Halcyon Summer,” by Travis Greer

  •  “Potomac River,” by Summer Villians

  • “Posta Chiusa – La Stanza,” by Francesco De Fiori

  • “Moonlight,” by Johnny Fiasco
  • “Block Party,” by Twin Engine
  • “Sunrise Day 2,” and “Sunrise Day 3,” by Shirley Cason
  • ”Desert Song,” by HexQ (used by permission of artist)

Images: “Roasting Marshmallows” and “Mushrooms” via Pixabay.

Produced by New World Witchery. Copyright 2017-21. Share-and-share-alike Creative Commons license.

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