Episode 7 – Self-Rescuing Princesses




Your princess is in another castle? We look at the tropes of damsels in distress and princesses in fairy tales in this episode. We speak with a folklorist whose work focuses on the language of body and gender in folktales, then talk to an author who has written a series of books about a woman reconfiguring gender as she saves people in a post-apocalyptic world. 


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Download: Episode 7 – Self-Rescuing Princesses



My guests for this episode were:

  • Dr. Jeana Jorgensen, Instructor in the Dept. of History and Anthropology at Butler University. You can read more about her and her work on her Patheos blog, The Foxy Folklorist.
  • Meg Elison, author of the Road to Nowhere series, as well as other books like Find Layla. You can find out more about her writing and other work at her website.

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Music & Art

All music for this episode is licensed through AudioSocket


  • “Witchtropolis,” by Alex Cuervo

  • “Skyway to Terminal,” by Tear Ceremony

  • “Blip Blop Bloom,” and “Night Sky,” by Milan Grajetzki

  • “Lush Ultra,” by Mokhov

  • “Sunrise Day 2,” and “Sunrise Day 3,” by Shirley Cason

  • “Fairy Tale Ending,” by Emma Wallace
  • “Crystal Cave Fairy Tale,” by Joel Bruce Wallach

    Images: “Flower Crown” and “Mushrooms” both via Pixabay.

Produced by New World Witchery. Copyright 2017-21. Share-and-share-alike Creative Commons license.

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