Episode 5 – Rumors




This time around, we return from a long absence with whispers and hearsay. We speak to two experts on the power of rumor in a variety of real-world situations. First, we discuss the importance of listening to medical rumors—even when we know they’re wrong. Second, we talk about the Satanic Panic’s connection to infighting among churches and the bigger role of rumor in global immigration.


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Download: Episode 5 – Rumors



My guests for this episode were:



All music for this episode is licensed through Magnatune.


  • “The Light,” by Giorgio Constantini
  • “Underwater,” by Claire Fitch
  • “The Summer Fell Silent,” by Emmalee Crane
  • “Deimos,” by Joram
  • “Don’t Wanna Talk,” by Chiwawa

Sound clips from Snopes.com and “War of the Worlds (1938),” by Mercury Radio Theatre, are used under Fair Use for commentary/education.

Images: “Girls Whisper” and “Mushrooms” both via Pixabay.

Produced by New World Witchery. Copyright 2017-18. Share-and-share-alike Creative Commons license.

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