Episode 1 – Glow



In our first episode, we hear tales of glowing Civil War soldiers, a Pixar princess, and musical bugs.


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Download: Episode 1 – Glow



  • Special thanks to my guests, Dr. Phyllis Martin of the USDA (retired) and Frank P. Lavarre.
  • I first heard about the Civil War “Angel’s Glow” phenomenon via an article in mental_floss by Matt Soniak.
  • Thanks to the Allegheny National Forest rangers and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park rangers for information on the fireflies.
  • The Pixar Theory is the brainchild of Jon Negroni, of the Now Conspiring podcast.
  • The poems “The Ancient Track,” by H.P. Lovecraft and “The Wood-Pile,” by Robert Frost, are quoted and referenced under the auspices of Fair Use.


All music for this episode is licensed through Magnatune.


  • “Camila’s Song,” by Teslim
  • “West Texas Sunrise,” by Carey Clayton
  • “The Pan Chaser,” by Fernwood
  • “The Light,” by Giorgio Constantini
  • “Underwater, “by Claire Fitch


Produced by New World Witchery. Copyright 2016. Images via Pixabay. Featured image: “Fireflies,” by Kazhidegu (via Wikimedia Commons).

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